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By Diane Ripstein

This Little Light Of Mine

by Diane Ripstein • December 11, 2018

This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. Let it shine, Let it shine, Let it shine! Originally Penned for Sunday School Students in the 1920’s by Pastor and music teacher Harry Dixon [Read More…]

Can’t See the Forest for the Trees?

by Diane Ripstein • November 14, 2018

Full Disclosure I’m a city gal who has not spent a whole lot of time in forests, but the forest/trees analogy is a great way to think about structuring presentations. So just for fun, let’s reimagine the “forest for the trees” in a modern cityscape, as in this photo of a downtown intersection. What Should [Read More…]

Diane in Action: Ask Questions!

by Diane Ripstein • October 3, 2018

Twenty Questions was a classic game show, first on radio and then TV, in which panelists had to guess an item by asking up to twenty questions. Developing really good questions, that helped define what you were trying to find out, was a winning strategy. Today’s Video: How to Use Questions (2:40) Create Your Own [Read More…]

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go

by Diane Ripstein • September 12, 2018

You know that adrenalin-inducing, off-to-the-races feeling right after Labor Day, with the grown-ups back at work and the kids back at school? There’s Something About the beginning of September. As soon as the temperature abruptly changes overnight (New England!), all the action items I’ve put off come racing back into my brain cells. I Feel [Read More…]

Learning From the Greats

by Diane Ripstein • August 8, 2018

In an era of how quickly you can do anything (“Now! 30 Minutes to Master fill-in-the-blank”), it’s helpful to step back and look at the Long View. We may live in an instantaneous culture, but real wisdom comes from experience. And lots of it. The Wisdom Years I spoke recently with Glenna Salsbury, a Grande Dame and [Read More…]

So You Think You Can Dance!

by Diane Ripstein • July 11, 2018

It’s Officially Summertime which means I went to Dance Camp last week. For several years, I have bracketed the summer season with a Dance Camp at the beginning of July (Beantown) and another Dance Camp at the end of August (Swing Out New Hampshire). Hoo-wee! I call this fun. Joy, actually. But It’s Also Hard [Read More…]

Sir Paul Presents: Oh, What a Knight!

by Diane Ripstein • June 20, 2018

Sir Paul Presents:  Oh, What a Knight! Fenway Park just announced their lineup of musical acts for this summer’s outdoor concert series, including Jimmy Buffett, Pearl Jam, Billy Joel and other stellar acts. No Disrespect But a couple of years ago, I had the pleasure of seeing Sir Paul McCartney at Fenway. Summer breezes, a [Read More…]

Take It Easy

by Diane Ripstein • May 9, 2018

Agghhh! I think it’s fair to say that none of us is at our best when we’re anxious, nervous or worried about outcomes. And yet, that is often the state we’re in prior to giving a presentation. The higher the stakes, the higher the anxiety quotient. Spinning Your Wheels You know that feeling when you’re [Read More…]

Hey April, You’re Back!

by Diane Ripstein • April 11, 2018

Hey April, You’re Back! It’s been a while since we last saw April. For a time there, it seemed like she wasn’t going to join us again this year, which felt a little discouraging. And then, just like that, she’s here, bringing the promise of Spring. Along with a snow flurry teaser, just for kicks. [Read More…]

As the Page Turns

by Diane Ripstein • December 15, 2017

Remember the Old Movie Clips where calendar pages flipped by in rapid succession, faster and faster, denoting the passage of time? It doesn’t matter how many digital devices I have, for me Time looks like a Big Calendar page. And you may have noticed that turning [Read More…]