It’s The Same Story
Just like clockwork, the calendar page turns, our New England air gets sharper (“a slice of cool” a friend calls it) and September arrives. Bingo! We’re baaaack. And whatever summer looked like or felt like to you, it’s now officially over. So sorry.

And Yet It’s Different
Because this year is different from last year. We’re a year older and maybe wiser, too. We’ve figured out calls on Zoom or TEAMS, and we’re all used to communicating through our screens. Or are we? There’s a dreary sameness that can easily creep into meeting-after-meeting, without the old natural rhythms and changes within our workdays.

What’s An Antidote?
A word I’m hearing a lot from my clients is “storytelling.” Anytime you can use a story or anecdote or even a metaphor, you introduce a different way of speaking, which gives your audiences a different way of listening. It’s a win-win for everyone and helps keep your listeners with you.

Today’s Video: Space Equals Power (0:59)

This Mini-Clip
is from a Keynote speech I gave on stage in the Before Times. I was sharing a range of techniques for more powerful communications. Rather than just talk about body language, I told a story. It was funny. People laughed. The point was made. Stories don’t have to be funny (unless that’s appropriate). They just need to deliver a different perspective.

How Can We Update
the space equals power concept for virtual presenting, where we don’t have the luxury of literal space? Try these two techniques this autumn:

1. Fill more of the screen with you. I always appreciate seeing a bigger chunk of you rather than the ceiling over your head or the shelves in the background. And please find that camera lens and make sure it is at your eye level. Looking down into the camera is not your best look.

2. Stand when you can. This requires modifications to lift your camera, and maybe an adjustable standing desk, but it’s totally worth it when you want to deliver with greater impact. Stand in your power! You feel bigger; you are bigger. You breathe deeper; your voice is richer. You gesture more naturally. Go for it.

Why not grab this fresh seasonal energy to do a personal communications refresh? Start thinking story and make your power moves! You can do this…

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