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Up Your Communications Game

Bubbe Wisdom

  • Your role as an effective communicator.
  • Breathe and relax.
  • The mind-mouth disconnect.

Stories from the Stage

  • Space Equals Power.
  • Chutzpah and Cojones.
  • Your Body Language is Leaking.

Ask Questions

  • How to pull in your audience.
  • Before-I-Begin-Questions.
  • Check-In-Questions.

The CBA Technique

  • Current Climate.
  • Brief Background.
  • Action Agenda.

Stage Manage Your Environment

  • Watch, monitor and adapt.
  • Taking space is taking power.
  • Video camera on the wall technique.

Begin Before You Begin

  • If you’re in the room, you’re part of the show.
  • You are always “ON.”
  • It all counts.

Sending Visual Cues

  • 55% of the impression you make is visual.
  • Stand tall and sit tall.
  • Your words need to match your body language.

Avoid Preamble

  • You don’t need to say what you are going to say.
  • Jump right in and just say it.
  • In presentation mode, you want to be on point and say the point.

Positive Planning

  • Get focused before you begin.
  • What is your one Blazing Clear Objective?
  • Nail the opening.

Play with Chronology

  • You don’t have to start with the history.
  • Past, present and future: mix it up.
  • Foreshadowing.

Get Succinct

  • Short sentences. Period. Pause.
  • Easier to say; easier to listen to.
  • Long, run-on sentences are deadly.

Keynote Speaker

Executive Coach

Communications Consultant