The Roman God Janus
bequeathed us the name of January, for the first month of the year. This was no coincidence. Janus was conveniently a two-headed god, with one face looking back and one looking forward. So all kinds of transitions were under his/her purview. Beginnings and endings. Entrances and exits.

I’m a January Baby
right up there on the third day of the month, so I take this stuff seriously. Not only do I get a New Year to handle, but it comes in a package deal with a New Birthday attached. Which makes it kind of hard to ignore.

As We Transition
into this fabulous experiment of 2022, aka COVID Year Three, there is a certain weary fatigue I am noticing with clients and colleagues. I don’t know about you, but I’ve decided this is NOT the time to focus on Big Picture Resolutions or push ourselves into grandiose commitments.

Let’s try the two-headed Janus approach to the New Year. Looking back: Wow, look how much I’ve learned! And looking forward: Wow, look how easily I can apply this now! Easy peasy.

Walking Downstairs To Your Office
Remember when you thought you couldn’t carve out enough space to have a proper home office? Well, you’ve managed to make it work. Whether you walk downstairs, upstairs or down the hall, that space has somehow become personalized into…Your Office!

Handling The Screens
Remember when you thought you couldn’t possibly present effectively looking at a computer screen instead of around the room at warm, live faces? Well, now you’re a pro. You don’t even hesitate as you launch into those PPT slides.

Figuring Out The Technology
Remember when it seemed totally bizarre to schedule an online meeting? And now you’re scheduling/confirming Zoom or Teams invites just like that. Personalizing your online conference room, creating multiple recurring meetings, making others co-hosts. Behold, you’re a meetings maven!

Looking Into The Camera
Just kidding. It’s still a challenge, isn’t it? I know it’s totally non-intuitive. We want to look at our listeners to get those human cues. Just try and remember, your listeners/viewers appreciate you looking at the camera lens because that makes them feel you’re talking directly to them! So your discomfort is actually their comfort.

Look into the camera when you’re talking; look at others’ faces when you’re listening. Yes, it feels weird, but it’s a technique and you can learn it. Find that camera lens and make it your very best friend.

We Can Do This
My personal word for this year (decidedly not a resolution) is EASE. Choosing a word, or phrase, is like having a personal guide by your shoulder. It’s a touchstone to remember what’s meaningful for you. You can’t break it. It’s just a quiet reminder. You might want to try something that simply feels good. You’re allowed.

Please let me know if you choose a word; I’d love to hear what it is.
I think Janus would be proud.

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