It’s Coming
The Winter Solstice, that is, and it can’t come a day too soon for me. I’m feeling irrational exuberance about the shift towards more daylight that starts December 21st, always a highlight of my year.

We Need Light
It’s primal, this need to feel fueled by daylight and the warmth of sunlight on our faces. Without it, hibernating under the covers seems way too enticing.

How Brilliant of our Culture
to embrace a Holiday Season right about now, in the midst of darkness. How smart of us to ramp up the brightness by lighting candles, fireplaces, Yule logs and Menorahs. We string up lights and decorate with things that glitter and glisten, that are shiny and bright.

A Mother’s Wisdom
My Mother lived to age 99, retaining her positive outlook on life to the end. At lunch a few Decembers ago, I was feeling despair at the sad surroundings of her sad nursing home and its even sadder inhabitants.

“Isn’t this marvelous, Dear,” she said. I had no idea what she could remotely feel was marvelous when she explained, “The light is pouring in those big windows behind you. Aren’t we lucky? How beautiful.” I will never forget her ability to focus on the Light, blocking out all that was negative and ugly around her.

Let Your Own Light Shine
May your personal flame burn bright. May you lift your voice to reflect the light of knowledge, truth, hope and renewal, however that looks for you. May you shine your words into the world, illuminating the positive. May you speak your truth and know that you make a difference.

Happy, Happy and Merry
from my home to yours. Thank you for being part of my community and joining your light with mine. May your days be merry and bright, and may all your communications be just right.

Shine on!

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