Just Kidding
This snowy photo is NOT current. It’s a view of the cars belonging to my condo neighbors and me, during a previous winter.

Boston, Chicago, Toronto
I have it on good authority (embedded family members) that each of these Northern cities, which one might consider winter cities, is totally dry today. Now we all know this can change in a quick minute. But it’s January 15th and, at least right now, there is NO snow, on the ground or falling.

Dry Days Also Happen to People
We can lose our mojo. Run out of steam, or oomph, or ideas. It’s hard to remember why we’re doing what we’re doing and where the enthusiasm went. When we’re in a dry spell, communications are tricky.

Do Something Different
When your presentations start to sound boring even to you, move out of your same old/same old to get your creative juices flowing again. Try exploring …

A Different Type of Concert or Show
Take a cue from your kids! Or read a review (that you wouldn’t normally read) and get adventurous. Head outside your comfort zone.

A Different Kind of Book
Fiction fan? Try out a How-To. Usually spend time with business books? Dive into a wild, extravagant novel of lives lived far away in another time.

A Different Way of Moving
We’re all creatures of habit, but who says you can’t try out salsa dancing? Or Qigong? Or country two-step? Or basketball? Or yoga? Or x-country skiing (when there’s snow)? Or even a brisk walk on a different path?

The Key Is
to try new things with an open mind and an open heart. You don’t need to change who you are, just let in some fresh air.

New experiences, new people, and new conversations create new connections, with others and with ourselves. And suddenly, you might realize you’ve got new ideas to communicate, and the energy with which to do it.

Here’s my number: 617-312-7074. What the heck? Give me a call and let me know what’s popped up for you. Let’s both do something different. I think 2020 is going to be an awesome year!!

Stay juicy.

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