Hearts Are Ubiquitous
And I don’t mean just because of Valentine’s day. Have you noticed how often hearts pop up in our emoji-laden, shorthand, pop culture?

A Little Heart-Based Googling
delivers a wondrous abundance of just how vital this organ is to our verbiage. At heart=basically. By heart=from memory. Heavy heart=sadness. Lose heart=discouraged. Big heart=generous. Take heart=be brave! And then of course: what’s the heart of the matter? And is your heart in it?

Speaking From The Heart
Ideally, you present for a reason. And that reason has something to do with your audience. When you give a presentation, you are literally giving a gift to your listeners. Hopefully something they want, need or are curious about.

Is Your Heart in the Right Place?
It’s helpful to do a quick check-in before you begin. Our goal is to find a heart connection, with our material and with our listeners. Why are you presenting to this audience, this day, on this topic? If you don’t know (or even worse, don’t care), you can be sure they won’t either!

Consider It Part of the Job
as communicators. What gets you juiced about your work? What makes you excited? In other words, it’s up to us to remember why we’re doing this. Even (especially) if it’s a stretch. Then use that energy to bring life to your words.

Gotta find a way to love that material! Even the driest data can use a little love. And audiences need to feel the love as well. Think of you, your material and your audience as a sweet trio, making beautiful music together.

From My Heart to Yours
I (heart) what I do, helping speakers like you connect your heart with your words, so you can speak your truth with comfort and confidence. And it’s my great joy to share this work with you. Cross my heart.

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