As the Page Turns

Remember the Old Movie Clips
where calendar pages flipped by in rapid succession, faster and faster, denoting the passage of time?

It doesn’t matter how many digital devices I have, for me Time looks like a Big Calendar page. And you may have noticed that turning this month’s page brings up…a New Year. Whoa, that happened fast!

But There It Is
That new calendar is crisp and empty. Unmarked pages shine up at us, just waiting for our actions, decisions, and paths taken or untaken.

I’m a January baby, right there at the beginning of the month, so I take this stuff seriously. Not only do I get a New Year to handle, but it comes in a package deal with a New Birthday attached. Which makes it kind of hard to ignore.

Looking Backwards and Forwards
The ancient Romans had a god of beginnings and endings, and of the transitions between the two. In fact, the god Janus had two faces, so he could simultaneously look to the past and to the future. No pressure, but you could call this time of year a pivotal passage between what was and what is to be.

So, What’s It To Be?
2017 was quite the year, and I think I’ll leave it at that. But the beauty of a fresh January is how much choice we have to try, once again, to make the impressions we want to make. To do the good we want to do. To try new things and push our boundaries.

I’m Rooting For You
I hope the New Year ahead is your best one ever. I hope you will make your voice heard and say what you need to say. I hope you will speak truth to power. I hope you will express yourself and be counted, in whatever way works for you. I hope you will communicate your best self, with conviction and delight.

Here’s Wishing You
the rewards of words well-said and communications well-received, connecting us in strength and in spirit. And maybe we’ll even meet up on our calendars! It would be great to see you.

From my home to yours…
May your days be merry and bright and may all your communications be just right.