Home and Heart!

Whoa, it’s been quite the year! Now it’s time to get cozy and put our feet up in front of the proverbial fire.

Home is Where the Heart Is
said Pliny the Elder, a 1st century Roman author, and his quote neatly wraps up my feelings about home. Today we’re a lot more mobile than Pliny, and our far-flung families create a broader definition of home, so it’s a good thing we can carry our hearts with us, bringing them where needed.

There’s No Place Like Home
said Dorothy. In uncertain times, we all need the familiar comfort of home. But it’s probably not a single-family farmhouse in Kansas. Home may be structured differently: perhaps with friends or like-minded communities or age appropriate co-housing.

For Me, Montreal is Home
I’m sure you understand how grateful I am to be Canadian these days! I’m kind of like a homing pigeon every December, heading north. At the same time, home doesn’t have to be Montreal. It can be anywhere the light is bright with the love of family and friends.

How’s Your Heart Feeling These Days?
And where are you bringing it for the Holidays? How will you nourish yourself, to keep feeling open and optimistic? I’ll be doing the trifecta: traveling to Montreal, having kids visit me here in Watertown and going to Kripalu, my “yoga home” in the Berkshires.

I Hope You Find Comfort
I hope you have the opportunity to take your heart in your hands and bring it home to whatever setting feels right for you. I hope you will be replenished and renewed. Because the world needs your heartfelt words and communications, now more than ever.

I am so very thankful for you, my extended family. From my home to yours, I wish you all the joys of the Holiday Season, good health and a strong heart for the New Year ahead!
Whole Heartedly Yours…