Sir Paul Presents:  Oh, What a Knight!
Fenway Park just announced their lineup of musical acts for this summer’s outdoor concert series, including Jimmy Buffett, Pearl Jam, Billy Joel and other stellar acts.

No Disrespect
But a couple of years ago, I had the pleasure of seeing Sir Paul McCartney at Fenway. Summer breezes, a full moon, and Sir Paul and his Band rockin’ and rollin’ under the stars.

Now That Was a Concert!
You didn’t need to be a Beatles fan to appreciate the production values and impact of an amazing show. I was one of many thousands setting records for what was then the highest two-day attendance in Fenway’s history. Were you there?

Communication Take-Aways from Row J
Sir Paul had us in the palm of his hand. Watching a master at work got me thinking about you and your presentations.

The Refrain of the Familiar
Audiences like to connect. And we connect with what’s familiar and understood. If you want your listeners humming your tune, try presenting new figures, concepts or strategies by linking them to something your audience already knows about.   

Golden Oldies Plus New Sounds
When you build relationships between your new information and the old, you increase your audience’s comfort level by giving them the safety of context. Kind of like Sir Paul melting us with his greatest hits before challenging us with his new music.

Mix It Up
Along with his mix of classic and contemporary songs, it was the change of pace that made the most dramatic impact. His hard-driving band had a huge sound the whole night, but when Paul picked up his acoustic guitar to play a quiet solo piece, the shift and focus were riveting.

Don’t Always Sound the Same
Take it from a pro. You don’t always want to sound the same. If you’re zipping along in full presentation mode, consider stopping, pausing and delivering something quiet. Let the audience engage fully in your solo: a key message, compelling anecdote or personal view.

You May Not Ever Play Fenway Park
but you surely can rock your own presentations. And if you’re having problems finding the right key? Email me. I can help!