Hey April, You’re Back!

It’s been a while since we last saw April. For a time there, it seemed like she wasn’t going to join us again this year, which felt a little discouraging. And then, just like that, she’s here, bringing the promise of Spring. Along with a snow flurry teaser, just for kicks.

Showing Up
Of course, we know intellectually that Spring will show up. But emotionally? It can feel like a very long stretch, as if it’s never going to happen. Which begs the question: How do you show up when it’s presentation time? Especially if you don’t feel emotionally ready?

Creating a Ritual Helps
Rituals are grounding and comforting, because we know what to expect. It’s the repetition that hooks us. Spring here in Boston: Easter, Passover, Red Sox Home Opener, Boston Marathon. And a dash of snow before the magnolia trees bloom on Marlborough Street.

Rituals Get You Into Your Groove
I always suggest clients develop their own pre-presentation warm-up routine. And use it regularly, to create a familiar ritual.

A Few Ideas to Get You Started:
Breathe: there’s nothing better for calming down and getting centered. Long, deep belly breaths. Slow inhale; slow exhale. Ahhhh…

Stretch: get that energy flowing. Spread your arms, bend and straighten your legs, roll your head, shrug your shoulders. So important if you’ve been sitting at your desk all day.

Vocalize: warm up your voice; it makes a difference! Hum, sing, enunciate tongue twisters, relax your throat, sighhh out loud.

Focus: remember who your audience is and how you can be of service. What are you giving them? Practice your opening few lines.

Long or Short: It’s Still a Ritual
You may have 10 minutes; you may have 90 seconds. Develop variations of your warm-up ritual to fit the available time and circumstance. The key is to do something to warm up and to never start cold.

Put on Your New Spring Finery and Enjoy!