In The Wings
When performing my one-woman show, Move on the Cha Cha’s, I wait in the wings for my Stage Manager’s cue to enter, as the lights go down and the music comes up.

What is going through my head? Sometimes I pray. Sometimes I jump up and down to keep revving up my energy. Sometimes I imagine myself an open channel, ready to deliver a message someone deeply needs to hear. I keep reviewing my opening lines, over and over.

Theatres Provide a Space
That space, known as “the wings,” are on the sides of the stage, out of sight of the audience, often masked by curtains. It functions as a transitionary space between you, the regular person, and you, the performer on a stage.

The Green Room in a TV studio or a video production facility is a similar kind of between space, serving as a lounge or waiting area before someone goes on.

Corporate Conference Rooms
also provided this intermediary space. Remember? We would leave our office, take the elevator to the 12th floor, and get ready to deliver our presentation in a distinctive, dedicated setting.

Here’s The Point
Now that we’re all at home, meeting on our screens, we’re not getting that space anymore, and we really need it! Something needs to separate your everyday self from your presentation mode self. Why? So you can shift your energy and totally concentrate on what’s coming up. It’s that important.

The Endless Zoom
Today we’re on one meeting after another with very little to no time in between them. This is tiring for everyone, but when you are a presenter, you’ve got to do something different so you can sound different. Quickly.

60-Second Antidotes
Carve out 60 seconds before your meeting starts, and do a mini reframe. As challenging as this might be, the payoff is tremendous. The ROI for those 60 seconds will be a more engaged audience because…ta-daaah!…you will be a more engaged speaker.

Move! Refocus! Refresh!
Here’s a list of 23 different quickie remedies for you. Try one; try them all. Let me know which is your favorite.

You don’t need to be Off-Broadway to make a big impression. You can do this. And your captive audiences will love you for it! Enjoy.

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