What Day Is It?
These are difficult times and tough days. And yet, here’s Valentine’s Day once again. In that weird, stretched out, molasses-time that COVID has given us, this February is feeling like oh, about a year long. And yet, the Day of Valentines catches me off-guard. Like, where did you come from?

The Cruelest Month
T.S. Eliot wrote, “April is the cruelest month…”. Really? I don’t know about you, but April seems like it’s going to be a piece of cake compared with this week’s forecast for snow, freezing rain and ice. Didn’t Eliot really mean February?

It Takes Courage
to stay positive. I love the word courage, a “quality of spirit that enables you to face danger or pain without showing fear.” It comes from the Latin root cor, which has evolved into coeur in French and cuore in Italian. What do these words mean?

They mean heart. Yes, courage takes heart. Courage is heart-based, through both word and deed. We need to tend to our hearts and take care of them.

So I Chose Balloons
Faced with a remote New Year’s Eve and a couple of virtual Birthday parties last month, I decided on a whim to order balloons! Delivered right to my door, I can’t tell you how much fun they have been. The three biggest ones are still rolling around on my floor. It’s hard not to smile.

And I Chose Love
In a dance/movement workshop (always a favorite), we were asked to focus on a word for the New Year. To my surprise, my hand wrote the word Love in my journal. Did I really do that? As I reflected, I saw Love in the biggest, grandest appreciation of the word, as well as in the smallest, most intimate sense. Love as compassion, for ourselves and for others.

I love the career I have shaped, the work I do, the life I lead, the family, communities and relationships I am privileged to be part of. I love helping clients connect their words to their hearts to speak their truth (while making sure they love the process).

A Modest Proposal
I’d like to suggest more joy. If that feels too hard, try remembered joy or anticipated joy-to-come. My nephew in Toronto texted today, “I have dreams of a family retreat to Gloucester one summer in the next few years…” Yes! Love this. Future joy is a balm to the soul.

Here’s to Light-Hearted
days ahead. Keep the faith, find your courage, love your own dear heart (and those of others), speak your truth and celebrate anything you can! Love you…

PS: The Beatles released All You Need is Love in July 1967. Please note that was July, not February.

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