Broken Sound Parkway

For the past several months, I have been working with a client 1500 miles away. As I drive daily from the hotel where I’m staying to the corporation where I’m consulting, I pass through an intersection called, I am not kidding you, Broken Sound Parkway.

Broken Sound?
Every time I see that street sign, I picture broken communication: weak words, tired phrases, and worn-out statements that don’t have the energy to do the job they’re trying to do. Maybe you’re feeling a little depleted yourself as this year comes to a close.

And it’s certainly easy to feel insignificant in the face of the “brokenness” of our world, but here’s a thought:

Every Voice Has a Unique Power All Its Own
You can make a difference through simple words of kindness, praise or inspiration. You can lift your voice in song (Motown R&B! Steampunk Bluegrass! Christmas Carols!) or speak out against injustice. You can share an opinion, recite a poem, explain an issue, declare your truth, chant a mantra or whisper a lullaby. Your voice contributes to your world and to your fellow travelers on the journey.

Our Sound Need Not Be Broken
Here’s wishing you the rewards of words well-said and communications well-received, connecting us in strength and in spirit.

From my house to yours, Happy Holidays and a very joyous New Year ahead!