This Photo Was My View
a few weeks ago, relaxing in a deep Adirondack chair on the terrace outside The Clark Art Institute (fondly known as The Clark) in Williamstown, Massachusetts.

Love The Outward Serenity
that belies the rigorous landscape design and management underneath it all. This three-tiered reflecting pool is actually “…part of a complex hydrological plan that reduces water consumption by 1,000,000 gallons per year – a reduction of 50%.” Including a 175,000-gallon reservoir in the museum building itself that captures rainwater and snow melt, which then flows into the pool.

Reminds Me Of Presenting
Calm waters on the surface, yet built on a foundational structure of hard work, research, wordsmithing and practice.

Let’s Take A Breather
from all the effort. End-of-summer is such a wistful time. I hope you can get yourself to some water: garden sprinkler, pool, lake, ocean, river. There’s something about water that calms the mind and soothes the soul.

Fall Will Be Here
soon enough. Let’s wring out every last drop of summer ease. Are you with me? Put down that phone and back away, slowly, from your computer screen. Ahhhh…

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