The Winter Solstice
on December 21st is the shortest day and darkest time of the year. And it is out of this very deepest dark that we most need to ramp up the light. Yesss. Light those candles, lanterns, fireplaces, Yule logs, menorahs, Kwanzaa kinaras and string fairy lights. Shine things up and go for the twinkle! You deserve it.

It’s Been Quite The Year
Sorry to point this out, but these words seem to have been my wrap-up for the past several Decembers. No doubt about it…we ourselves and the world around us are being seriously challenged. These are not easy times.

And Yet
The human spirit is a wondrous thing. Google analyzes multiple billions of searches to create their Year in Search. In 2022 the world searched “can I change…” more than ever before. Thankfully, we are blessedly, and eternally, resilient.

How Can We See
not what the world is, but what it can be? How can we open our eyes wider, beyond ourselves and what we already seem to know or believe? That’s where possibility and potential lie.

Christmas Was A Huge
and festive holiday, growing up in Montreal. The majority French, Catholic city was bedecked and bedazzled. I always felt my Jewish family’s low-key Chanukah gathering didn’t quite measure up. And my parents understood.

I Have Never Forgotten
the 12-inch silver and green foil Christmas tree my Mother gave me, which I decorated and surrounded with wrapped mini-presents for my dolls to open Christmas morning in the living room. And standing in line to visit Santa Claus at Eaton’s Department Store downtown. And our annual night-time holiday drive around the city, my brother, sister and I bundled up over our pajamas, our parents in the front seat, all of us loving the magical display of lights.

It Was Never Either/Or
It was always yes/and. Yes, this is who we are and isn’t it wonderful to share in what other people are all about? I don’t mean to be simplistic. But can we broaden our vision? Look through a wider lens? In ways small or large?

Today I’ve Got New Lenses!
No kidding, I’ve just been through cataract surgery on both eyes and I literally have New Lenses through which I am seeing our world. And it’s a glorious one. Sharp, clear and colorful.

I Wish For You
sparkle and light. May you polish the old and look forward to the new. May you lift your voice to reflect the glow of knowledge, inclusion, truth, hope, equity, renewal and justice, however those look for you. May you shine your words into the world, illuminating the positive and connecting from your heart.

From my home to yours…
From my eyes to yours…
I see YOU. And I thank you.

Be healthy! Be well! Happy Holidays!

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