Twenty Questions
was a classic game show, first on radio and then TV, in which panelists had to guess an item by asking up to twenty questions. Developing really good questions, that helped define what you were trying to find out, was a winning strategy.

Today’s Video: How to Use Questions (2:40)

Create Your Own Version
When l was selling advertising at the Boston Herald, I had a standard “Before-I-Begin” question, asked with curiosity and a smile on my face as I was getting materials out of my briefcase: Do you actually read the Herald?
The answer to that question (and I heard some doozies) totally dictated the tone and personalized approach of my sales presentation. It’s like getting insider info, in real time. And it gives you a valuable advantage.
If You Don’t Ask…
you’ll never know. Develop a good list of possible questions that reflect your product, service or content. From simple yes/no questions to more nuanced, it’s a great technique to draw your audience in. And make you sound smarter in the process.
I’d love to hear the kinds of questions you use. Write me and let me know!