And So We Begin Again
Welcome to January 2024. The New Year! Beginnings have boldness, power and freshness. They’re also hard.

I Have a Regular Walking Route
by the Charles River, not far from where I live. This morning it was 25 degrees out there, and this view mesmerized me. Officially it’s called the Moody Street Dam. Unofficially it’s the place where I pause and reflect before turning to head back home. What was different today?

The Freezing Temps
had solidified a lot of ice. Tree branches arching over the river were literally encased in ice, frozen stiff and solid. And yet, the water level has been super-high, and the powerful movement of that rushing water was amazing. There was even an ephemeral rainbow of color created by the churn and rising mist.

Today’s Video: January on the Charles (0:24)

This Intense Juxtaposition
of frozen stillness and wild movement reminded me of developing a presentation. I’m not kidding! I’m typically immobilized in endless procrastination and have to trick myself into moving full speed ahead. Anyone else face this?

How To Get Unstuck And Start
Affirmations. These are simple affirmative statements to gently remind yourself how good you are. Here’s my 3-parter that I’ve used for decades: I am who I am. I know what I know. I’m very good at what I do.

Lousy First Draft. Let yourself dump half-formed ideas, thoughts, quotes onto the page/screen. No self-editing, just let the words flow. Sure, they’re bad, but that doesn’t matter (yet).

Change your environment. Move physically into a different space. Literally go somewhere different (coffee shop, library, another room…). Or move mentally into a different space with exercise, loud music, dance, yoga.

Chocolate. Sometimes it’s the only answer.

Every Presentation Begins Anew
and every opening is a fresh start. You can be different. You can try something new. You can change the same old, same old. You can use the New Year to inspire new approaches and adapt new ideas. I know it’s hard to get going, but rewards are waiting for you. I promise!

I’m here to help. Let’s get you unstuck and focused on feeling more bold and free in your communications. Your audiences will love you for it.

Happy New Year!

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