Nice to See You, But
No disrespect, Zoom (Microsoft Teams, WebEx). I appreciate you and I’m using you as much as the next person. But you know what I miss? A phone call.

Can We Keep It Simple?
A long-time client and I were trying to figure out a time to catch-up. The date settled, I emailed, “Do you want to do a Zoom call or a simple phone call?” Can you guess her very enthusiastic and grateful choice?

Zoom Fatigue Is A Thing
You probably already intuitively know this, but it’s absolutely real. Slate: I Will Not Be Attending Your Exhausting Zoom Gathering. National Geographic: Zoom Fatigue is Taxing the Brain. Harvard Business Review: How to Combat Zoom Fatigue. We’re all feeling it.

Why is Zoom Exhausting?
Normal conversational rhythms are off. We talk over each other or have those weird, hesitant pauses. Our brains are working overtime, trying to discern the types of subtle personal and physical cues we all remember from IRL interaction. We’re on display, awkwardly, under a “constant gaze.” There’s a sustained intensity of focus and effort required to stay engaged.

Hello! The Phone Call
Talking to one person is a joy: one voice; one focus. Even smaller group calls feel more relaxing. You can comfortably take notes, without worrying how you look. You can close your eyes, to concentrate on what’s being said.

Your Voice Is All that Matters
Not your background. Or the lighting. Or your bookcase. Your voice is intimate, personal and feels like a genuine connection. Hello, how are you doing?

I’m Going To Try
and just pick up the phone, reach out and say Hello. Maybe even once a day. Who knows what I’ll learn? Perhaps you might want to join me…

From my phone to yours, we’re all in this together. Please stay healthy and well.

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