Relationship Selling: We Both Win

Today's selling realities require developing highly flexible salespeople: quick-thinking, strategic and personable.

We successfully do this by

  • starting with where the salesperson is
  • building new skills and techniques on top of this foundation
  • integrating what the salesperson already knows and
  • making it more effective.

The following modules form the core content of this training, although all sessions are customized to meet your time and professional development needs. The full Relationship Selling program, incorporating all of the Building Blocks listed below, is best delivered in a series over several weeks, allowing practicum time in between to test out concepts in the field. Ideal group size is ten to thirty participants, allowing for individual coaching on key target accounts.

The Sales Thought Process
Five Steps to Sell-Through
Having an Objective for Every Call
The Core Sales Message
What's the Client Really Buying?
Organizing Strategies
Pre-Call Prep and How to Begin
Time and Prospect Management
Identifying Decision-Makers
Building for the Long-Term
Opening Communications
Getting Through
Knowing What to Say When
Telephone Skills
Keying in to the Audience
Objection Overruled
A 6-Point Plan
Building a Sequence of Believability
Features Versus Benefits
The Four P's
The Scales of Sales
Developing and Keeping Momentum
The "Hand-Holding" Game
Using Questions
Active Listening Skills
Complete Comfort with Your Product
Controlling Nervousness
Presenting is a Contact Sport
Handling Proposals and Pitches
Being Memorable
Multiple Closing Techniques
The 5-Step OpenClosing Approach
How to Keep Following Up After "No"
Adding Your Polish and Pizzazz
The Sales Professional

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