The Building Blocks of
Polished Presentation Skills

There is no more important skill in business than being able to present your ideas.

The following modules form the core content of this training, although all sessions are customized to meet your time and professional development needs. The full Presentation Skills training program includes all of the Building Blocks listed below, plus multiple opportunities to be videotaped and critiqued, mini-coaching sessions, and a final formal presentation developed and delivered by each participant.

Because of the highly-personalized attention given to each individual, the training is limited to six to eight participants. The full program runs for two days. Many clients also choose our one-day option.

How Do We Communicate?
Visual: Body Language
     Facial Expression
     Movement and Gestures
Vocal: Opening the Throat
     Phrasing, Pausing and Punching
     Eliminating Mannerisms
Verbal: Your Content
The Two-Minute Opener
Have You Analyzed the Audience?
Have You Clarified the Objective?
Making a Connection
What's the Benefit?
Controlling Nervousness
Rational versus Irrational Fears
Channeling the Energy
Your Personal Bag of Tricks: Proven Tips and Techniques
Shaping the Material
The Story; The Hook
Creating the Framework
Audience Benefits
Repetition and the Rule of Three
Presenting the Material
Owning Your Presentation
Power, Presence and Style
Keeping the Audience with You: Twelve Quickie Tips If Their Eyes Are Glazing Over
Using Audio-Visual Aids
Simplify, Simplify
They Support You
Best User Techniques
Videotaping and Feedback
It's Not as Bad as You Think
Objective Analysis:
     How Do You Look?
     How Do You Sound?
     Do You Make Sense?
Points to Improve

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