Media Interview Skills:
Going One-On-One with Reporters

A successful media interview depends on

  • understanding how reporters operate and
  • having your own agenda of key message points.

The following modules form the core content of this training, although all sessions are customized to meet your time and professional development needs. The full Media Interview training program includes all of the Building Blocks listed below, plus two mock interviews per participant, which are videotaped and critiqued. Clients often choose to spend time developing and refining their product or company messages in this session.

Because of the highly-personalized attention given to each individual, the training is limited to six participants. The full program runs for one day. A journalist colleague usually joins Diane in facilitating, in order to give you the broadest range of feedback and expertise.

Delivering Key Messages
Use Factoids For Support
Bring It To Life with Examples
Simplify, Simplify
Handling Questions
Do Your Homework
Pyramid Planning
When Things Get Sticky
When You Don't Know
Building Bridges and Steering Statements
From Negative to Positive
From Their Question to Your Response
It's O.K. to Be Assertive
Microphones, Cameras and Notebooks
Finding Your Comfort Zone
Additional Tips for TV
Additional Tips for Radio
Additional Tips for Print
The 93% Factor: Visual and Vocal
Body Language
Active Listening
Eye Contact
Vocal Energy
So What Do Reporters Want, Anyhow?
Quotable Quotes and Sound Bites
Headlines and Deadlines
A Few Caveats
Videotaping and Feedback
It's Not as Bad as You Think
Objective Analysis:
     How Do You Look?
     How Do You Sound?
     Do You Make Sense?
Points to Improve

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