Smarter Communications + Presentations often mean collaborating on longer-term projects customized to deliver far-reaching results.

Scenarios: See how John Hancock Funds and Boston College benefited from Diane Ripstein Consulting.

When John Hancock Funds decided to mount a 36-city Road Show bringing their investment story to brokers, distributors and key clients throughout the U.S., they turned to Diane Ripstein Consulting to make it work.

From initial conceptualization meetings through travelling on location to monitor production, the collaboration provided a tightly run, remarkably successful tour.

Diane Ripstein Consulting

  • Organized staging, sequencing, and timing
  • Created templates and story lines for all presentations
  • Developed and coached six-minute presentations with 18 different Fund and Portfolio managers
  • Coordinated and rehearsed the flow with moderators and panelists
  • Coached for Q & A sessions
  • Turned individual stars into three polished presentation teams

    "As I look back on the success of the six-week road show, I can say unequivocally that hiring Diane Ripstein Consulting was one of the most important and impactful decisions we made. I am convinced that without your guidance about everything from proper staging to the presentation coaching you provided our portfolio managers, we would not have been able to capitalize so effectively on this opportunity. We can't thank you enough for your professionalism and your enthusiasm for our project, and for such terrific results."

    Keith Hartstein
    Senior Vice President
    John Hancock Funds


    "All the big companies come in here to do their dog-and-pony show luncheons. This is the best-organized, tightest-run production I've ever seen. It's like watching a TV show. Do these guys do TV?"

    Lori Tessier
    Banquet Captain
    Beverly Hills Four Seasons Hotel


    "If they can manage their time that well, they can manage my money."

    Audience Comment



    When Boston College undertook a campus-wide change initiative to cut administrative costs and redistribute savings to educational goals, they turned to Diane Ripstein Consulting.

    Understanding the crucial role of communications in combating misinformation and misunderstanding, BC joined in a two and a half year partnership with Diane Ripstein Consulting to keep the project information flowing.

    Diane Ripstein Consulting brought in experienced colleagues and

  • Clarified key messages
  • Developed, wrote and produced a newsletter
  • Helped project leaders simplify and define their
    communications to various publics
  • Developed and pitched story ideas to the press
  • Ran focus groups to identify concerns and issues
  • Coached key speakers for major meetings
  • Developed a web site
  • Scripted, directed and produced a video documenting
    the change initiatives

    "Project Delta would not have had the same impact without the tremendous assistance of Diane and her colleagues. They provided direction, clarity, and focus to all of our communications. We turned to Diane for help with all of our communication issues, and there were plenty. Diane Ripstein Consulting brought a lot of assets to the task: sounding board, clarifier, facilitator, task driver, thought-provoker, editor, speech writer, presentation coach and process manager -- in short, everything you'd expect from a good consultant."

    Jim Kreinbring
    Director, Office of Program Management
    Boston College

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