Sometimes investing the extra time, effort, and dollars to be the very best that you can be will be rewarded many times over.

Be at the top of your game no matter the scenario

  • Making crucial presentations to your bankers, your Board,
    or at the Annual Meeting
  • Going on the Road Show for your IPO
  • Rolling out a new product launch
  • Giving a keynote address at a users conference or industry
  • Raising a new round of financing
  • Pitching your key clients or major prospects

When you have to set the tone and get it right the first time, you can't afford not to be good. Customized preparation and coaching with Diane Ripstein Consulting is the key to successful presentations that sell.

Diane reviews your presentation in advance, gets smart about your business and your audience, and then puts you through your paces. Just as a theatre director rehearses, gives notes, suggests alternate readings, offers feedback, points out inconsistencies, praises and motivates, Diane will help you shape your presentation and delivery into the best reflection of you and your company.

Coaching means bringing out your best, but never suggesting you be anything other than authentically you.

Communication Coaching doesn't always mean the big presentation or pitch. You may find that internal communications have bogged down: departments are not sharing information as needed; confused expectations are hindering progress on a project; a manager is having difficulty communicating up to senior executives or down to direct reports.

These are all examples where experienced coaching can quickly identify problems and facilitate new strategies to make a difference.

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