"We consider Diane a key resource for our organization. Her workshops, her coaching, her intelligence, her insights, and her energy are the reasons we keep asking her back. Also, the fact that Diane understands our business and what we face on a daily basis is what sets her apart. We've used her for a wide range of presentation skills, communication, leadership and management training for all levels in the agency. Together, we have built a true partnership."

Jim Barbagallo
Managing Partner
Porter Novelli

"When our Director of Investor Relations suggested bringing Diane in, I was initially skeptical. We have an exceptionally seasoned team of business people, doctors and scientists, most of whom have given numerous presentations. But, we were all extremely impressed. The sessions helped us to focus on our key strategic messages, which was borne out by a presentation that we made to the FDA a few months after Diane worked with us. It was hands-down one of the best presentations we've given, both in terms of the individuals who presented and in terms of the entire team."

Don Hardison
President and CEO
EXACT Sciences Corporation


"We hired Diane to coach all the CEOs for our Investment Conference because of her ability to give clear, concise, highly useable tips that enable speakers to get the key points across. Diane's assistance was invaluable to our presenters."

Joyce L. Plotkin
Massachusetts Software & Internet Council


"I really enjoyed these sessions. They were great fun - as well as educational. Diane has a great way of making you see things in a new light, often with a lot of humor. I had so many laughs!"

"I feel that I am a better sales rep and a better ambassador of the MSLC because of the ideas, values, and insights gained from Diane's training and her personal comments."

"Diane is not only incredibly talented and professional, she is extremely intuitive and observant - she was able to persuade the nay-sayers - and that is a great accomplishment right now."

"Wonderful instruction -- enthusiastic, helpful, humorous. Diane's energy and love for what she does inspires and brings people out."

Training Participants
Massachusetts State Lottery Commission


"The media training was essential and we put it into play on each interview. I now always take control at the beginning of the meeting, set the agenda and then ask them if they want to add anything to MY agenda. We only had one interview where we were thrown a curve ball, but that was fine, we did great...Thanks for your help."

Jeanne Lambert
President & CEO
Cerida Corporation


"As I look back on the success of the six-week road show, I can say unequivocally that hiring Diane Ripstein Consulting was one of the most important and impactful decisions we made. I am convinced that without your guidance about everything from proper staging to the presentation coaching you provided our portfolio managers, we would not have been able to capitalize so effectively on this opportunity. We can't thank you enough for your professionalism and your enthusiasm for our project, and for such terrific results."

Keith F. Hartstein
Senior Vice President
John Hancock Funds


"Many thanks for providing expert assistance in our annual meeting this year. Your efforts in working with senior management paid substantial dividends in terms of the delivery and effectiveness of their presentations."

Jane P. Jamieson
Executive Vice President
Fidelity Investments


"I want to take the opportunity, once again, to tell you how wonderful and helpful your course has been. It was a real turning point for me. You've created something quite marvelous! The eight of us from the group are now meeting. Once a month, on Thursday mornings, we are 'doing the Ripstein!'"

Susan Wolski
Trinity Communications


"Our PRSA members were thrilled with your seminar. It gave us a tremendous amount of information and ideas that we could apply immediately. You effectively compressed a whole course into three hours. Both the content and your style of presentation were superb, and I think all who attended will sell better because of it."

Henry Stimpson, APR
Stimpson Communications


"Speaking of feedback -- the staff loved you. Your presentation was informative, upbeat and fun. Your humor really made it sparkle and the depth of your knowledge was apparent. We are a stronger and more supportive team as a result of your workshop."

Rebecca Gorrell
Fitness Director
Canyon Ranch


"I have brought Diane into two different companies to help executives hone their communications skills. Diane gets superb results - not only do the executives learn how to better deliver their company message, Diane helps them to refine and reposition that message to get maximum impact."

Amy Hedison
Director of Investor Relations
EXACT Sciences Corporation


"I would like to thank you for such an energetic, enthusiastic and relevant presentation to our financial services tax group. It showed that you truly enjoy your profession and how passionately you love to train and coach people. In talking with a few colleagues, everyone had nothing but terrific things to say about the training session. Thank you again for providing us with a spectacular presentation."

Carolyn Glass
Senior Manager


"Over the years, I've attended several such training sessions, but yours was the best. And best of all, it was presented with such energy and enthusiasm that everyone left the room fully energized for their next presentation."

Barbara Heffner
CHEN Public Relations


"I am writing to express my appreciation for the superb job you did helping me with my presentation skills. When I enlisted your help, I had no idea I could improve so significantly so fast. In particular, I appreciate your focus on very specific, and readily improvable, aspects of my presentation. Your criticisms were always spot on and delivered gently."

Jennifer S. Uhrig
Portfolio Manager
Fidelity Investments


"Your presentation was perfect in every way. It had a magical quality. Everything worked -- your presentation style was motivational, the content was well thought out and useful, and your handouts were clear, following the structure of the presentation."

Joan Fox
Joan B. Fox Consulting


"Most effective presentation I have seen in years. I just saw Bill Gates and she could teach him a bunch how to communicate! I am not an easy person to please. This is probably the first A++ I have given since Commodore Grace Hopper."

Audience Member
Compaq Computer


"I think we all felt the Retreat was a great success! Diane's enthusiasm and firm control kept us engaged and steadily on track. She truly was wonderful."

Kathy McIlvaine
Account Supervisor
Brodeur Worldwide


"Diane has great energy, enthusiasm and insights."
"Great! I loved it! Very organized and I came away feeling much better about myself and my abilities."
"The right mix of practical advice and fun activities."
"Once again an excellent session. Time flew by."

Training Participants
Mullen Advertising and Public Relations


"I'm in awe of your combination of extremely usable information that I can hear today and use tomorrow, together with your engaging, interactive presentation style. You are a consummate speaking professional."

Lisbeth Wiley Chapman


"Diane, you are a true professional. I loved your session. I loved the images and the sounds and the beginning and the end, a nice connection, perfectly executed. Your acting background probably has something to do with your "performance" and hooray for that."

Steve Shama, M.D.
Brookline Village Dermatology


"Your presentation really struck a chord with our participants. Our event evaluation forms reported nothing but rave reviews. Again, thank you for educating our members."

Susan N. Keliher
Program Manager
Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce


"I think I get almost as much out of watching Diane deliver the content as I do listening to the content. She's a great example to follow."
"She's great -- session was fantastic -- useful, attention-grabbing, directly applicable, well worth my time."
"Diane is a tremendous person -- a true model of what we should strive to do when communicating (effectively) with others."

Workshop Participants
Lois Paul & Partners


"Totally enthralling blend of theatrical technique and focused, logical and eminently practical underpinnings. Bravo!"
"Wonderfully structured presentation. Poignant ending that wrapped so beautifully into the beginning."

Audience members
National Speakers Association/New England
Speakers Conference

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