The Diane Ripstein Consulting approach is both theatrical and practical. When you communicate, it's showtime. When you present, your objective is to sell.

Every presentation is performance, with all the requirements of being on stage: know the material, rehearse the role, relate to the audience, and make an impact.

Every communication, presentation, interview or pitch is an effort to "sell" something, at the very least yourself; hopefully your ideas, expertise, services, strategies, or products.

I work with what you bring to the table: your knowledge, your style, your expectations, and your challenges. That's our starting point. In fact, one of my first questions is "What is your blazingly clear objective?" My approach is highly customized, to fit you and your material, your company and your industry.

Often we are so close to our information that we lack any objectivity about how it plays, or in theatrical terms, how it "reads" from the audience.

I bring an unbiased eye and ear to your communications, helping you take what you know so well...and translate it so that others can easily hear and understand.

Smarter Communications + Presentations "work" because the force of your ideas or beliefs makes an impression on listeners.

This impression is often communicated through intangibles such as tone, expression, energy level and addition to your superb content.

Owning your material, and being comfortable and confident in communicating it, makes all the difference in how you are perceived.

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